Vital Stats

Mike DoughtyName: M. Doughty

No, really, what’s his name: Michael Doughty

Birthday: June 10, 1970

Birthplace: Fort Knox, Kentucky

Height: 6’1″

Does: Speaking, singing, electric guitar.

Grew Up: Military Brat, lived many places

Musical Training: None, although he’s studied poetry at New York’s New School.

Dwarf Name, according to himself: Spacey

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of Louise Brooks, with the a quote from e.e. cummings: “The moon rattles like a piece of angry candy.”, tattoo of the number 7.

Ambitions: Oh, you know…roof, food, etc.

Turn-Ons: Elegance, sarcasm

Turnoffs: Senseless slaughter of innocents

Underwear: Boxers, publicly, at least.

When I get stressed out I: tend not to answer questions lifted directly from a back issue of Tiger Beat

My best feature is my: ability to dodge said questions

The most embarassing thing I ever did was: truly not much of an embarassment at all.

How to get my attention: Uh, there’s always nudity or free cheese.

Musical influences: John Lee Hooker, Journey’s”Don’t Stop Believin”

Also known as: Margot Channing, Moschiach and Mr. Blobby

My motto: (Blank stare)

Mark De Gli Antoni Name: M’ark De Gli Antoni on the first album, Mark De Gli Antoni on the second (the apostrophe’s missing).

Birthday: June 20, 1962

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Height: 6’0″

Does: Keyboard sampler, background vocals.

Grew Up: San Francisco Bay Area

Musical Training: Trained classical composer; he uses samples of his works in Soul Coughing songs.

Dwarf Name, according to Doughty: Horsey

Distinguishing Marks: “africa on his brisket- birthmark”

Ambitions: In the process of being realized

Turn-Ons: Toasty parts, pole vaulting, oysters

Turnoffs: God, Paul and Linda…

Underwear: Boxers

When I get stressed out I: stay awake for days

My best feature is my: legs

How to get my attention: Shiny parts

Musical influences: Uh…

Also known as: The Horse

My motto: A warrior is impeccable when he trusts his personal power no matter how large or how small.

Yuval Gabay Name: Yuval Gabay

Birthdate: July 23, 1963

Birthplace: Jerulselem, Israel

Height: “7”

Weight: “7”

Does: Drums, Backing Vocals

Grew Up: Israel

Dwarf Name, according to Doughty: Uh.. Yuval. You don’t get much more Dwarfish than Yuval.

Distinguishing Marks: Fly style

Ambitions: 7Turn-Ons: Excelency, warmth, shiny things

Turnoffs: Inablitiiy to chill, no leg room on planes

Underwear: Depends on the activity.

When I get stressed out I: smile alot and hand out candles

My best feature is my: hanging out late into the night

The most embarassing thing I ever did was: I touched Miles Davis’ forehead on t.v. and got a look of “you must be…”

How to get my attention: dance, dance dance

Musical influences: Oh yeah, a whole lot of influences

Also known as: Honky Dingalong

Sebastian Steinberg Name: Sebastian Steinberg

Birthday: Feb 20, 1959

Birthplace: New York City

Height: “7”

Weight: “Enough”

Does: Upright Bass, Backing Vocals

Grew Up: Massachusets

Dwarf Name, according to Doughty: Grumpy

Distinguishing Marks: “i was sent to a really wierd camp when i was a kid, i don’t wanna talk about all those scars on my back and arms…..”

Ambitions: Yup!Turn-Ons: You bet!

Turnoffs: Even more so!


When I get stressed out I: boil alot of water

My best feature is my: tolerance

The coolest thing I ever did was: have a phone bill larger than anybody from Boys to Men.

How to get my attention: Wave alot of money around while naked

Musical influences: The Honky Dingalong

Also known as: Phone child

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