El Oso Release Date

Hello, Iko-Iko Wa-nay—sorry for the lack of updates as of late…hope all is rocking and well and the summer heat hasnt killed you yet…so you are obviously here for Soul Coughing NEWS…so mat has some. Todd has told mat that El Oso (for you newbies- the new one) has still been scheduled for release on CD for Sept 29, and on vinyl (you know- those black discs your parents have in the closet) on Sept 22 (one whole week earlier!!!) In other SC news, the contest winner for the Soul Coughing 7″ Contest will be announced this Friday! Also- from the mouth of Todd from WBR: he has told mat that he is looking to put a “street team” together for the Soul Coughing album. These are people that will pass out stickers, set up local promotions and be a general SC fanatic when called upon. These people would not get paid, but would get a ton of SC goodies……and mat will have more as more information arises. We’ll miss you Roy.