Milford Graves + John Zorn’s Bar Kokhba + Sex Mob

Milford Graves + John Zorn’s Bar Kokhba + Sex Mob at the Tonic on Dec 31, 2000 in NYC.
at 8:00pm & 11:00pm, $40, $45, $65. Early show with Milford Graves, late show with Sex Mob!

Celebrate New Years Eve with Milford Graves, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Joey Baron, Erik Friedlander, Mark Feldman, Cyro Baptista,Sebastian Steinberg, Steven Bernstein, Kenny Wolleson, Briggan Krauss & Tony Scherr. Starting at 8pm – Milford Graves solo followed by Bar Kokhba, $40 At 11pm – Bar Kokhba followed by Sex Mob, $45 includes champagne toast. Stay all night! – $65. All tickets include access to the subTonic lounge. Professor, herbalist, healer, Milford Graves is first and foremost one of the world’s great geniuses of the drum. He has contributed to historic recordings by Albert Ayler, New York Art Quartet, Sonny Sharrock, Guiseppi Logan, and Paul Bley, as well as his own legendary dates as a leader, the latest of which is Stories (Tzadik). A very rare solo appearance. John Zorn’s Bar Kokhba chamber arrangements of his adventurous and inspiring Masada compositions take these tunes into deeper and darker realms. As ever, Sex Mob will charge into the New Year armed with three chords and the truth!

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