Disclaimer Of Luv

Doughty's Disclaimer of Luv -or- Explaining the Explanations We get accosted by a lot of stoned folks--lovely people, though--who quiz us about the nuances of meaning and overarching thematic content in our songs. I guess our purpose is to cater to the discriminating drug user, so I can't complain. But mostly, when I'm hashing out the lyrics, I'm thinking, "Ooh, nice word. Pretty word. Mm, word tastes nice, I like." So it's mostly a sound thing, a musicality thing. Still, given the couple of lucid flashes in the lyrics, I've been asked to discuss the songs. Though personally, I'm more apt to dig the beats, and being that I can't read or write notation, you'll only get the meatheaded metaphors here. P.S. If you hear lyrics wrong and imagine some construction of words that doesn't really exist, please bring it to our attention and we'll retool the lyrics to match your mistake. We love that more than anything else. Also enclose any five percent nations you may have.

-M. Doughty

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