Soul Coughing Albums

Ruby Vroom
  1. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
  2. Sugar Free Jazz
  3. Casiotone Nation
  4. Blue-Eyed Devil
  5. Bus To Beelzebub
  6. True Dreams Of Wichita
  7. Screenwriter's Blues
  8. Moon Sammy
  9. Supra Genius
  10. City Of Motors
  11. Uh, Zoom Zip
  12. Down To This
  13. Mr. Bitterness
  14. Janine
Irresistible Bliss
  1. Super Bon Bon
  2. Soft Serve
  3. White Girl
  4. Soundtrack To Mary
  5. Lazybones
  6. 4 Out Of 5
  7. Paint
  8. Disseminated
  9. Collapse
  10. Sleepless
  11. Idiot Kings, The
  12. How Many Cans?
Irresistible Bliss, Japanese Import Same as above, but with additional tracks: Lemon Lime and Blow My Only Irresistible Bliss, Japanese Import with bonus CD Same as Japanese Import above, with additional CD containing:
  1. Super Bon Bon Propellorheads Mezzanine Remix
  2. Mr. Bitterness (live)
  3. White Girl (live)
  4. Lazybones (live)
  5. Super Bon Bon Kick Dub Mix
El Oso
  1. Rolling
  2. Misinformed
  3. Circles
  4. Blame
  5. St. Louise Is Listening
  6. Maybe I'll Come Down
  7. Houston
  8. $300
  9. Fully Retractable
  10. Monster Man
  11. Pensacola
  12. I Miss The Girl
  13. So Far I Have Not Found The Science
  14. The Incumbent
El Oso - Japanese Import Same as above, but with additional tracks
  • 212
  • Rare Star Ball
Soul Coughing Singles
Sugar Free Jazz
  1. Sugar Free Jazz
  2. Sugar Free Jazz - Sucrose Jungle Dub
  3. Sugar Free Jazz - Molasses Dub
  4. Sugar Free Jazz - Weirdo Dub
  5. Sugar Free Jazz - Sugar Cane Jungle Mix
  6. Screenwriter's Blues (live)
Rolling (Vinyl Only) tracks unknown Albums with Soul Coughing on them
KCRW Rare On Air Volume Four Has a live version of Disseminated, as well as tracks by Ani DiFranco, Jeff Buckley, and Tom Waits, amongst others. Dead Man On Campus - Soundtrack Contains the Propellerheads Remix of Super Bon Bon, a lovely thing indeed. TeleConned Vol. 1: We Want The Airwaves Not only do Soul Coughing do a live version of Lazybones, but they also have a hidden track, and there's a version of Low covering "Blue Eyed Devil". All this for a good cause - Americans For Radio Diversity. Yummy. Batman & Robin Contains the previously unreleased rockin' cool Soul Coughing song, "The Bug" Spawn Includes the Roni Size/Soul Coughing colaboration song, "The Plane Scraped Its Belly On a Sooty Yellow Moon" X-Files: Songs In The Key Of X Contains the conspiracy-tinged tune "Unmarked Helicopters", previously unreleased. Live from 6A - Late Night With Conan O'Brien This album includes a live version of Soundtrack to Mary, recorded on the show. Offbeat - A Red Hot Sound Trip An original Soul Coughing song, "A Murder of Lawyers in Overcoats", appears on this soundtrack. Blue In The Face Contains the previously unreleased Soul Coughing track, "The Brooklynites" X-Files Movie Soundtrack This includes a version of the Soul Coughing gem "16 Horses" Side Projects of The Cough
Coded Language - Krust Krust was part of Roni Size's Drum n' Bass supergroup "Reprazent" and now makes his own name with this solo album, featuring heavy drum work by Yuval Gabay. Horse Tricks - Mark De Gli Antoni This brilliant solo album by keyboardman Mark includes guest stints by everybody else in Soul Coughing, as well as Elliott Smith and others. Stereo Type A - Cibo Matto Not only is this record amazingly cool and cooly amazing, it also has Sebastian Steinberg playing on it. Go get it. What's the Word?: This spoken word compliation includes M. Doughty's poem The Twenty-Sevens. (Note: I have received report that Doughty's track is not on this album as planned... any confirmation of this would be greatly appreciated). Construction and Demolition - Rough Assemblage This solo album of modern classical music features Mark De Gli Antoni and friends. Long Tall Weekend - They Might Be Giants A drum loop of Yuval Gabay is used in the track "Token Back To Brooklyn" This album is available for download only in the .mp3 format. Try Whistling This -Neil Finn. This beautiful album by ehe ex-Crowded House guy features work by Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay. Dopamine - Mitchell Froom. M. Doughty does vocals on "The Bunny". Soul Coughing's first album was named after Mitchell's daughter, Ruby. Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire - Firewater Yuval Gabay provides drumming in this excellent eastern-tinged rock band. Pomefone: New Word Order Doughty reads Butter/Lost, The Blonde Valerie, From a Gas Station Outside of Providence and By The Light of the Silvery Silver on this excellent spoken word album that also includes Hal Sirowitz and Nicole Blackman. Don Solaris - 808 State Doughty adds vocals to the song Bond from the legendary British dance group. Mono Puff - Unsupervised This group, founded by They Might Be Giant's John Flansburgh, uses a loop of Yuval Gabay's drumming for their song Careless Santa. State of the Union Yuval Gabay, Mark De Gli Antoni, Doughty, and Sebastian Steinberg all lend their talents to different tracks of this album. Nine Objects of Desire - Suzanne Vega Sebastian Steinberg plays bass on many tracks of this album, and Yuval Gabay adds his drums to one. Subway Stories - Mecca Bodega Doughty wrote the lyrics and sang on one track, Love On The A-Train. Parts of this song later were used in El Oso's track "Monster Man" The Cobra - John Zorn Doughty, Mark, and Sebastian all appear on this album, recorded at their old haunt, The Knitting Factory.

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