New Years!

Happy New Year!

Mark De Gli Antoni has just finished scoring the music for a film directed by Mike Stamm. The short 33 minute film is called “Ashes to Ashes.” Mark, credited as “composer,” wrote all the original music and has this little bio on the webpage. Director Mike Stamm told me about what Mark did for the film:

Mark worked feverishly to assemble a dense, multilayered collage of samples of the
kind he does so well. In the case of Ashes To Ashes, Mark relied heavily on
organs, bells, chimes and harps, but threw in plenty of other weird things
like distorted guitars, clanking noises and sounds I can’t even figure out.

There are five outtakes from Mark’s score that have been uploaded to the website. You can hear them here.
Also credited on this film is fellow Horse Trick’s mate Joe Bini who edited the film. More information can be found at and SCUG will keep you posted as to when the movie is completed and available to see or download.
UV Ray will be playing two shows this month. Jan 11th and Jan 18th at Baby Jupiter in NYC. (170 ORCHARD ST CORNER OF STANTON, 1 BLOCK SOUTH OF HOUSTON) Also playing will be playing will be: DJ Somatic & DJ Designer Imposter. They will be recording both shows and the recording will be available soon! More news on that ASAP.