File: Description: Approximate Size: Download (platform):
El Oso Animated Cartoon Videos The Warner Bros. Cartoons Streamed RealVideo G2 $300 Blame Circles I Miss the Girl Misinformed Rolling All in sequence
Dutch TV Promo From the Paradiso in Holland from 03/21/1995. With Sugar Free Jazz, Down to This and Buddha Rhubarb Butter sung with the a capella group the Prodigal Sons! Streamed RealVideo G2
2 Meter Session Clip From 11/30/94 in Amsterdam. Songs included here are Uh Zoom Zip and Down to This. Streamed RealVideo G2
BugleBoy Ad This is a commericial BugleBoy jeans ran for a while most likely in 1995. 1.12 megs AVI
5% Nation Maker It is just that! Written by Mr. Turtle 1.05 megs Download (IBM .zip)
Soul Coughing's Winamp Skin A clever skin for Winamp 2.x written by none other than: John-Michael Reed 107k Download (IBM)
Soul Coughing's El Oso A cool bear that talks to us! 534k 732k Download (IBM ZIP) Download (MAC)
Soul Coughing Theme ver 1.1 This is for Win95 Plus users. It has lovely sounds, icons and various sundries. Enjoy- Jordan and I slaved over it, so we hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it. 6.6 Megs (The Full Program) Download Information Sheet (IBM- Win95 Plus)
Soul Coughing Holiday Message This is the boys at their finest, sending us their holiday wishes from Winter 1998. Listen
Soul Coughing Interactive This program contains sound samples, bizarre essays on songorigins, and cool pictures. 1.3 Megs Download (IBM) Downlaod (Mac)
Soul Coughing Screen Saver Writen by Donald Lessau 428k Download (IBM)
"Wichita" This font was drawn by Doughty for the RockstarFont Project. 25k - 69k Download (IBM,True Type) Download (Mac, TrueType) Download (Mac, PostScript)
A couple live performances of the boys. 5.4 Megs 6.9 Megs 6.6 Megs 5.9 Megs Is Chicago Paint Super Bon Bon True Dreams
"GapKids spots" Soul Coughing's songs for GapKids TV. 3.6 Megs Spot #1 (.mov) Spot #2 (.mov)
KCRW's "MorningBecomes Eclectic"
    interview/live songs from May 05, 1995
Listen in RealAudio
KCRW's "MorningBecomes Eclectic"
    interview/live songs from February 17, 1997
Listen in RealAudio
The Printer Friendly Compilation of Soul Coughing Song Lyrics A .DOC file compilation of all the Soul Coughing song lyrics available on this page. 137k Download

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