Gentleman Jim Norton – Jim, The Romantic


I'm engaged to be married.

This happened on Friday night. I had friends who are television producers arrange to have part of Cooper Square in New York City shut down with sign- bearing strangers. I then dragged my girlfriend Rebecca into the middle of the intersection and got on bended knee and proposed. She thought that someone else had done it and that I was just being a big doofy jerk until she read the signs that were gaffer taped to the street reading:



REBECCA? which point she freaked out and started screaming "OH MY GOD!" over and over again. Someone yelled at her to say yes, and she did, and the hundred or so people gathered started cheering and honking.

In addition to the sanctioned helpers, my scheme was also aided by a phalanx of drug dealers on the corner of Broadway and Astor Place, an off-duty clown named Happy Dan the Musical Clown, and a crack addict who blessed all the balloons that Happy Dan the Musical Clown provided.

Yes, there is a videotape. And I am prouder than you'll ever know that the camera man was the same artistic visionary who designed and manufactured the huge butt for Sir Mix-A-Lot's video "Baby Got Back." I swear that this is true.

Needless to say, I had some explaining to do after we left the scene.

What a week, what a weekend,

Gentleman Jim

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