Doughty’s Skittish

UV Ray was great! Thanks to all who came out. We all had a blast! I will keep you posted on all the upcoming shows and when the UV Ray CD will be releassed.

Doughty’s solo CD is out as well. You can order online at: Just click on “how to order SKITTISH.”

UV Ray Shows

UV Ray will be playing two shows in NYC on thursday and friday of this week. Details in the tourdates page. I will be at the show on friday with Kristen, Jessica, Al, Ms. Houser (thanks for calling g money- you rock!) Rachael, Caco and Stacy! Come out!!

Chris Whitley Dates

Added Chris Whitley dates to the Solo Tourdates page. If you don’t know already: Sebastian and Yuval are touring with Chris Whitley as his backup band. I have heard from a friend that the band is very good therefore you should definately check them out. I will be seeing them at the Birchmere in VA. Hope to see you there.