Konkrete Jungle

Weird news…thanks to Opus at the 5% Nation for this:
There is an upcoming gig in New York organized by Konkrete Jungle. There will be a live Drum N’ Bass set by Yuval Gabay, Sebastian Steinberg and ex-TMBG bassist Tony Maimone, all playing under the name “U.V.RAY.” Yuval says it’s the live debut of his “single-smash-hit” called Let The Drums Roll. If you’re anywhere near New York this Friday, June 19th, you should make an effort to get down there. Their set should be around 11pm at the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, which is at the intersection of Hicks St & Old Front St on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn. You can call 212-604-4224 for more information or directions. Thanks Opus! You Rock!


Hi there…Soul Coughing is going to be on the upcoming Soundtrack to the X-Files Movie. 16 Horses will be the glorious Soul Coughing song we have only heard live before. Other artists on the soundtrack include: Cure, Tonic, Filter, Bjork, X, Dust Brothers, and Sarah McLachlan. The X-Files soundtrack will be in the stores on June 2th. If you can’t wait and it will make you feel better, it can be (pre)ordered by clicking here. Also Gentleman Jim’s last show with Soul Coughing was last nite at the HFStival. He is the man and SCUG wishes him luck where ever he may roam. TELECONNED Volume 1: We Want The Airwaves, featuring the live Soul Coughing song Lazybones has been out since May 5th. It can be ordered from CDNOW by clicking here, get it now- it’s good! Submissions for the Soul Coughing 7″ cover contest ended Friday 5/15. We had a tremendous response… over 300 entries (front and back covers, so 600+ images total). Images are going to management and the band.

El Oso Word

The new word on the upcoming Soul Coughing record: El Oso- The release date has been moved to September 22. I’ll have word here how you will be able to pre-order El Oso from SCUG and all that jazz… Also there is a new contest in addition to the already functioning and rather sucessful SCUG Contest. It’s the offical WBR Soul Coughing’s “Design Our 7″ Single” Contest. Enter it as well as the SCUG Contest. Awws yeah!