TELECONNED Volume 1: We Want The Airwaves, featuring the live Soul Coughing song Lazybones will be coming out on May 5th. It can be (pre)ordered from CDNOW by clicking here.The other artists on this disc are: Ani DiFranco, Low, Ben Folds Five, Triplefastaction, Walt Mink, Firewater, Matt Wilson, His Name Is Alive, Kristin Hersh, Thrush Hermit, Magnatone, Dead Hot Workshop, Dylan Hicks, The Lemon Merchants, Galaxy Gravity, & Nicole Blackman and Scanner.


The tour is almost here…just some news (thanks James)…the UMBC- Baltimore, MD show on 4-25-98 is going to be free…The show will take place at the UMBC Spring Festival and not in the fieldhouse. And just to let you know this festival was voted as “Baltimore’s Best Free Concert” last year. Hope to see you there! Also there is yet another show added to the Minnesota circuit! All the love!

1998 Tour

Ok boys and girls…the tour is sorta getting on it’s way…there is one more confirmed tourdate…the show on Friday, April 24th at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA at 8pm is now confirmed (props go out to my friend, James)…tickets are $8 for Tech students and $13 for non-tech students / call 1-800-843-0332 to order those luscious cough tickets…and mat is traveling 8 hours with his friend Skippy to VA for this show…so look out for mat…


So rock! There is hope. All the lovely mixing is done with, and the masters will go out in a few weeks to be duped…El Oso’s scheduled release date is for Aug. 25th. There is a countdown cgi program from the welcome screen. When it gets closer to release time, you guys and gals will be able to pre-order it. All the love of technology! Be the first on your block- You know you want to!


A live version Soul Coughing’s Lazybones will be on an upcoming radio benefit album. Tentatively titled TELECONNED Volume 1: We Want the Airwaves; the cd is expected to be released May 9, 1998. The cd will also include new songs by the artists: Triple Fast Action (a favorite of mat’s), Ani DiFranco, Walk Mink, Dylan Hicks, Low (doing Soul Coughing’s Blue Eyed Devil) and many others indeed. An article from all star magazine is here.