Live Soul Coughing Series

The Live Soul Coughing series will not be coming out anytime soon. If anything changes, you’ll hear it here first. From

Though we have tried our best, we regret that the higly anticipated release of live Soul Coughing albums will be delayed indefinitely due to internal band issues. While Kufala will continue to try and make these albums available to the public, we will not be able to release them in the immediate future. Please sign up on our email list and we will let you know when (and if) we will be able to release them. Thanks for your patience, understanding and support. The record business can be a tricky business to be in and we appreciae your understanding…as huge Soul Coughing fans, we’re as disappointed as you are.

Doughty has also launched a brand new site. for more details.

Rollercoaster and Lisa Germano

So the roller coaster continues… There are some legal difficulties that are getting mended out right now. This is causing a problem with releasing the Kafula Live Soul coughing CD Series. Hopefully in due time this will all work itself out and the good music of Live Soul Coughing will in the hands of the best fan base ever. Be sure to check out the Message Boards as Sebastian (posting as Skink) has been posting there lately. Please check back here for all the news, as it happens.

In more productive news, our friend Sebastian is doing shows with Lisa Germano and is working with Yerba Buena which Sebastian describes as “a crazy afrocuban hiphop ting”


We have good Soul Coughing news! I’ve been in contact with Brady, who used to work at Liquid Audio and would get hooked up with goodies from Mark and the rest of Soul Coughing. You remember all the stuff Opus and Mat put up? Well all of that was possible because of Mark and Brady and of course the boys we all know and love who once existed as Soul Coughing… With that aside, Brady has since been involved with starting a Record Label. He puts out live recordings of artists and has been working with the boys in getting out some splendid live releases of Soul Coughing. As of now there are plans for 5 double CD live releases, and hopefully more. Each 2 CD set will be priced at $20.00 which includes shipping (3 day delivery to most locations / 5 days to Europe). All 5 shows will be sold as a set for $80.00. We’ll have all the details and ordering instructions as soon as they come in. And for more information on Brady’s Record Label click here.

From Kafala’s website:
In March of 2000 after eight successful years together Soul Coughing decided to go their separate ways. They released three critically acclaimed albums and toured the world. Soul Coughing’s live shows were legendary and for the first time they are being released. Keyboard and sampling guru Mark De Gli Antoni has been combing the archives to find some of their finest performances. Check back in early Feb. for more information on which shows will be released and ordering information.
PS. Happy New Year!


Sorry for the lack of updates. On a personal side I have been very busy with my record label and finishing my darkroom.
In real Soul Coughing related news, Doughty has decided to take down the message board he has hosted for a few years now. People are invited to chat on SCUG’s Message Board. Hopefully this will provide an open and positive community for all Soul Coughing fans to chat on.


Mark’s site is finally up ( – there it’s too much there, but i am sure it will be a mecca for cool stuff in the future. Keep a look out.

Mark has also informed me that Cherish is out. And if you dont remember it’s the latest movie he has scored. Go check it out! It was a Sundance favorite. Directed by Finn Taylor (who wrote the screenplay for Dream with Fishes (1997) and Pontiac Moon (1994) and stars Robin Tuney, Liz Phair, Jason Priestly and Nora Dunn. Check out the Cherish website here.