What a horrific past week. I wish you all the best and hope you are all hanging in there ok. As people have been asking me how the boys are doing, I thought I would report in. I just got word from Mark that he is fine and he says that Sebastian and Yuval are equally fine in NYC. This is what Doughty had to say on his BBS:

By mike doughty (Admin) / mikedoughty27@aol.com on Thursday, September 13, 2001 – 10:41 pm:
hi, got a lot of concerned emails, and i just wanted to say that i’m okay. i was stranded outside of manhattan for two days, as i was driving home from northampton the day of the bombing. i hung out at a friend’s in connecticut until i could get back here. i’m back, very shaken, but i’m okay and everybody i care about here in new york is too.

UV Ray and Wetlands

UV Ray (featuring Yuval Gabay and Sebastian Steinberg of SOUL COUGHING) is playing a show at Wetlands Preserve in NYC. For those of you who dont know, Soul Coughing used to play there a lot. Some really great performances came from that club. The club will be missed by a great many people. So, show your support and come out to see UV Ray on Monday, September 10. The show is with Project Logic featuring DJ Logic. Doors at 8pm.


News from superspecialquestions.com:
SLANKY will DEFINATELY NOT be in stores on september 9!! please don’t order it from amazon, you’ll be waiting for it forever. literally.
soft skull has hit a rough patch financially–they’re just not able to release it at this time.
i’m hoping to print up a bunch and sell them online, soon as i can. i know this is a big drag, everybody. i’m sorry about this.

Slanky and Ashes to Ashes

Mike Doughty’s poetry book can now be pre-ordered through AMAZON.COM. Click here for more information.

Mark DeGliAntoni performed the entire score for the Mike Stamm film “Ashes to Ashes.” You can view the film here. Enjoy!

Mark’s New Record and Doughty Tour

I’ve been in contact with Mark and he is working on new material as I type this. I will have more news about this as soon as I get more complete details. Doughty, I mean Mike Doughty, is on tour as he is always with his lil’ cute geetar. He has a few upcoming dates. Check out the Tourdates for all the info. And if in the Northampton, MA area be sure to check out the club he is playing at. I saw J Mascis there years ago. Incredible lil’ hole in the wall. NEW MESSAGE BOARD! Get your post on.

Yuval Gabay is all over the CD called ACTION FIGURE PARTY. Other musicians on this CD are: Flea, Sean Lennon, Gary Novak, Fima Ephron, and Yogi