Rockity Roll

I apologize for any lack of updates in a long while. I’ve been pretty busy these days with my label, studio and thought of buying a house here in DC. — Well the tide has changed yet again. The live Soul Coughing discs we’ve been waiting for, have come out! We send mad props to Brady at Kufala. Kufala are taking orders right now, but CDs will not be shipped until the 29th. The shows are as follows:

Rennes, France 12/03/1994
Tokyo, Japan 02/03/1997
New York, NY 08/16/1999
Berlin / Amsterdam
Live Rarities

Each double disc show is $20. The whole set can be purchased for $80. Click here for all the information and to order. And from
We are happy to announce the release of our Soul Coughing Live series. One of the most unique cult bands of the ’90s, Soul Coughing anchored a new crop of quirky, unclassifiable bands that emerged in the post-grunge era. Their live shows were legendary and these 5 2 CD sets were hand picked and compiled by keyboardist Mark De Gli Antoni. If you are the superfan and want to get all five albums check out the 4 out of 5 deal. Enjoy.

In other related news, Mike Doughty has released another EP entitled “Rockity Roll” – It features 6 new songs. It’s just Doughty and a drum machine. It’s pure. It’s raw. It’s Doughty. You can get more information at or you can go to his store here. Doughty also has a mini tour planned out for the month of April. Details on his site.

News with Yuval is great. He has been in Bristol for the past few months rehearsing to hit up another, but larger, tour with Roni Size. More news on that once the tour has been laid out.

And in SCUG news, you must go check out the new Photography Gallery. It’s been totally reworked and indexed and there are tons of new pictures in there. Go ahead. Do it. It will make you feel better.